Thursday, February 19, 2015

Easy Tips to Avoid Falls

The season of snow and ice is well underway here in Maryland, so it’s wise to practice good safety habits to prevent injury from slipping and falling! According to the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture (NASDA), about 300,000 people slip and fall year-round with serious injuries, and 20,000 deaths occur each year because of it. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimated that more than $30 billion was spent in direct medical costs because of falls in 2012.

Some general fall prevention tips when snow or ice is forecast include:

  • Wear proper footwear like non-slip boots that will give you traction and keep your feet warm. 
  • Watch where you’re walking at night by using a flashlight or avoiding potentially icy areas completely.
  • Take smaller steps and use handrails when available. 
  • Help elderly friends or relatives by providing balance for them. 
  • Try not to carry large loads like bags or groceries across icy surfaces.

Improving your balance is another way to help protect yourself from slips and falls. Some good things to start with could be balancing on one leg for as long as you can, performing planks to strengthen your core, or squats without weights are good, too! Practicing yoga is also known to improve your balance and health.

If you do slip, fall and sustain a minor injury, GBMC’s primary care offices are here for you with extended hours on weekdays, Saturdays and Sundays at certain practices. Visit to find a primary care physician who is right for you and your family.

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