Thursday, October 16, 2014

GBMC Recognizes 50 Inaugural Physician Titans of Care

When an organization achieves a major milestone, it’s important to reflect back and recognize the people who have contributed to its success. In 2015, GBMC HealthCare will celebrate 50 years of service to the community. There are many people who have played an instrumental role in shaping GBMC into the organization it is today, including the many members of the medical staff, who have offered their skills and expertise and given people a true reason to choose GBMC for care.

In celebration of GBMC HealthCare’s 50th anniversary, a prestigious group of 50 physicians who have made extraordinary contributions to GBMC HealthCare and the field of medicine has been identified. These individuals, recognized as the “50 Inaugural Physician Titans of Care,” have earned a personal reputation as outstanding physicians that deliver premier clinical skills and have made significant contributions in the formation and enhancement of GBMC’s reputation. Some are credited for the creation of a “best in the field” specialty program or service that is offered today by GBMC.

“The Physician Titans of Care is a special group of doctors who have helped GBMC achieve its position as the region’s preeminent community healthcare system through their hard work and clinical expertise,” says John Chessare, MD, President and CEO of GBMC HealthCare.  “These are some of the names that rise to the top of the list when you hear people talking about how skilled GBMC physicians are and why they turn to us for healthcare. Our 50th anniversary gives us a wonderful opportunity to recognize these physicians and thank them for bringing their outstanding contributions to the field of medicine right to GBMC.”

The 50 Inaugural Physician Titans of Care have been named as part of GBMC’s anniversary celebration and will have the honor of selecting additional nominees to be part of this prestigious group in the years to come.

“We are fortunate to have so many reputable and skilled physicians on our medical staff, and want to continue recognizing the people who exemplify what GBMC HealthCare is all about,” says Harold Tucker, MD, Chief of the Medical Staff. “Each year, we will have an opportunity to express our gratitude and recognize excellence by inducting additional doctors as Physician Titans of Care.”

The 50 Inaugural Physician Titans of Care were unveiled at GBMC HealthCare’s 49th birthday party on October 2, 2014. They will also receive special recognition at the 50th Anniversary Gala on October 2, 2015. For further information and to view the complete Physician Titans of Care list, visit

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