Wednesday, January 11, 2012

GBMC Weight Loss Surgery Patient Sheds Pounds, Regains Life

On May 3, 2011, 34-year-old Jennifer* cemented a decision that was 10 years in the making. That day, she successfully underwent gastric bypass surgery through the Comprehensive Obesity Management Program (COMP) at GBMC. “I had contemplated having weight loss surgery for a long time after trying just about everything to lose weight,” says Jennifer. “When I decided to get serious about having surgery, I was on blood pressure medication at the highest weight of my life and was tired of coming out on the losing end of this weight battle.”

Jennifer began searching for weight loss programs, and attended one of GBMC’s free bariatric surgery information sessions. “What impressed me the most and solidified my decision to go through COMP at GBMC was that the actual surgeon who performs the procedures at the hospital was presenting information, not some representative,” she explains. Her surgeon, Peter Liao, MD, FACS, serves as Medical Director of COMP. “Dr. Liao took time out of his schedule to come talk to us. He and the entire staff have been so friendly and supportive – no matter how many questions I ask, they always make me feel important.”

In addition to consultations with Dr. Liao, Jennifer met regularly with a registered dietitian who helped her achieve nutrition goals in preparation for surgery. “My dietitian taught me that bariatric surgery is not a magic pill. It requires permanent lifestyle changes, and you have to put forth the effort to be successful,” says Jennifer, who also attended GBMC’s free bariatric surgery support groups facilitated by Melissa Frey, RN, both before and after her gastric bypass. “The support group sessions were extremely beneficial, allowing me to interact with people going through the same thing as me. They offered real world advice on what to expect before and after surgery.”

An extraordinary 105 pounds lighter, Jennifer says that her energy levels have vastly increased since her surgery. “There used to be so many things I couldn’t do because of my weight. Now I can run, be active and not be held back by obesity,” she says. “I’m so thankful to the staff at COMP for paving the way for my healthier lifestyle.”

To learn more about GBMC’s Comprehensive Obesity Management Program, visit or call 443-849-8446 to sign up for an Information Session.

* Please note: The patient’s last name was withheld to protect the individual’s privacy.

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